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Health System Data Science Laboratory (HSDS)

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The Health System Data Science Laboratory (HSDS) specializes in Big Data and Machine Learning pertaining to medicine. Located in Seoul National University Hospital, Seoul, Korea, HSDS is led by Prof. Sang Min Park of Seoul National University.


Clinical Big Data studies include the impact of various lifestyle behaviors, environmental factors, and medication on cardiovascular diseases, neurodegenerative diseases, and other health outcomes. Our team of researchers are highly capable of organizing research projects, data collection, data analysis, and modelling.


Machine Learning studies include the development and validation of deep learning models for cardiovascular disease and other biomarker detection using various image modalities.

​Explaining the Rationale of Deep Learning Glaucoma Decisions with Adversarial Examples
Association of Cardiovascular Mortality and Deep Learning - Funduscopic Atherosclerosis Score Derived from Retinal Fundus Images
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• 박사과정 학생 배출

•  Ophthalmology (IF: 8),

   European Heart Journal (IF: 23),

   Metabolism (IF: 6),

   Diabetologia (IF: 7), 

   Environment International (IF: 7.5),

   American Journal of Ophthalmology (IF: 4) 포함 30편

• Journal of The American College of Cardiology (IF: 20),

  American Journal of Gastroenterology (IF: 10) 포함 26편

• Journal of American Medical Association (IF: 51),

  European Heart Journal (IF: 23),

  JAMA Internal Medicine (IF: 20) 포함 논문 34편

​• Journal of the American Heart Association,

  International Journal of Cancer (IF: 7) 포함 논문 13편

​• Journal of Clinical Oncology (IF: 18) 포함 논문 16편

​• 서울대학교 의과학과 Health System Data Science Laboratory 설립

연구 테마

1.Explainable Artificial Intelligence in Medicine

2.Health Impact of Environmental Pollution and Green Space

3.Health Impact of Human Behavior

4.Detection of detrimental effects of commonly used pharmaceuticals.

5.Discovery of novel benefits of commonly used pharmaceuticals.

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