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XAIMED is a leader of
medical AI that connect between

daily life and medical care,
AI and people


XAIMED has developed easy and reliable medical AI that presents clinical evidence using eXplainable AI technology. This innovative technology of XAIMED, eXplainable AI (XAI), has solved the "black box" problem in medical AI and provides customized solutions based on medical images, time-series biological data, and structured data.

XAIMED is expanding its AI product line starting with eye disease(or ophthalmology) AI and atherosclerosis AI, to include urology, laparoscopy, endoscopy, and more. XAIMED aims to connect AI and humans by providing eXplainable AI medical solutions that offer more clear evidence, enabling both doctors and patients to trust artificial intelligence.

XAIMED developed XAI CARESYS 23: Intelligent Integrated Biosensor Solution, accurately measuring multiple biomedical signals simultaneously and responding promptly. By providing an intelligent monitoring solution, it integrates anomaly detection and customized services through a biomedical signal integration AI model.

The Biggest Challenges of Medical Artificial Intelligence


"How can we improve artificial intelligence, which is difficult to secure reliability due to black boxes in the medical field?"


What if you could create eXplainable artificial intelligence(XAI)?

XAI is a set of processes and methodologies that enable human users to understand and trust the results and outputs generated by deep learning algorithms.


If XAI is fully applied to medical artificial intelligence, it will play a decisive role in alleviating concerns and increasing trustworthiness, and will be useful in characterizing model accuracy, fairness, transparency, and end-effectiveness in AI-based decisions.



We have developed an easily understandable and accurate medical AI using eXplainable AI(XAI) technology, which provides clinical evidence.

  • Conventional AI algorithms have limited reliability and usability due to their opaque decision-making processes, and they are only partially recognized in medical device approvals.

  • Developed innovative eXplainable AI (XAI) technology to address the "black box" problem of medical artificial intelligence and completed international verification.

  • Through XAIMED's eXplainable medical AI solution, we provide diagnostic reliability to doctors and patients by connecting AI and human expertise.

  • Provide tailored eXplainable medical AI solutions that integrate big data from various domains, including medical images, biometric time series data, and medical structural data.


Starting with eye disease AI and atherosclerosis AI, we are expanding our AI product lineup to include urology, laparoscopy, endoscopy, and other medical specialties.

  • The GMP certification was completed by developing AI and arteriosclerosis AI solutions with eXplainable AI technology (22.09), We have also obtained product approval from the regulatory authority (Ministry of Food and Drug Safety) currently(23.04).

  • Starting with our AI solution for diagnosing eye diseases and atherosclerosis based on retinal photographs, we are expanding our product line to include AI solutions for urology, laparoscopy, and endoscopy.

  • Collaborate with medical device hardware companies to provide integrated S/W+H/W solutions that combines XAIMED S/W AI solutions on H/W-based medical devices.


Developed a XAI CARESYS 23: Intelligent Integrated Biosensor Solution that accurately measures multiple biomedical signals simultaneously and responds promptly.

  • Intelligent solutions are needed to monitor and respond quickly to various biomedical signals from patients at home and in facilities as the times change, such as the age of aging and the pandemic.

  • Development of a one-stop integrated sensor medical device that simultaneously measures oxygen saturation, ECG, body composition, body temperature, and patient identification security information within 30 seconds through innovative multi-sensor technology.

  • Provides intelligent monitoring solutions to detect anomalies through an integrated Bio-signals AI model.

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